About Me

My name is Vivian and I am a professional musician (an orchestral trombone player) and amateur gardener, who loves to write, and who has recently rediscovered the joys of knitting! I was born and have lived most of my life in Montreal, Canada.  I come by my interest in gardening from my mother, who was an avid gardener and admirer of plants.  Despite spending most of her adult life in apartment complexes, she always found a way to garden; whether it was through community gardening, or sneaking in a garden plot behind her building, (including a compost bin!) or taking care of a friend’s country garden plot. It was her favourite way to relax.  She knew, as I do, that spending time with nature, even when your little oasis is surrounded by buildings, roads and cars, is time spent without counting it. The beings all around you are ignorant of the passage of time as we know it, and that blissful ignorance is contagious. She also taught me to knit.  That I’ve embraced these acts of creativity has given me a share of tranquility.

Aside from loving plants and knitting, I also love my family;  my husband, David, a madly talented and obsessed musician, and my two children, Erica and Travis, whose existence means I’ll always have something to knit, if ever I run out of projects for myself (unlikely!).

I dedicate this site to the memory of my mother, Alison Lee.

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